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Những cổng quan trọng trong hệ thống Linux

Posted on: 24/03/2014 Last Updated: 17/05/2014 No comments
Nhung port cong quan trong linux vps 300x130 - Những cổng quan trọng trong hệ thống Linux

Dưới đây là những port cổng quan trong trong Linux VPS/Server 20 – FTP Data (For transferring FTP data) 21 – FTP Control (For starting FTP connection) 22 – SSH(For secure remote administration which uses SSL to encrypt the transmission) 23 – Telnet (For insecure remote administration 25 – SMTP(Mail Transfer Agent for e-mail server such as SEND mail) 53 – DNS(Special service which uses both TCP and UDP) 67 – Bootp 68 – DHCP 69 – TFTP(Trivial file transfer protocol uses udp protocol for […]

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